Embroidery and Digitizing

We offer the latest in embroidery and embellishment techniques. Custom puff 3D embroidery and custom layered 3D embroidery are popular trends. All are delivered quickly and precisely.

Custom Puff 3D embroidery

Puff 3D embroidery uses a foam underlining to achieve an extreme 3D effect. This application requires the thread count to double so the foam will not be exposed through the thread.

Puff 3D embroidery works best with block or large round shaped letters.

Embroidery is a unique decorating style because we have limitations on what we can reproduce with thread. Art must be created as vector art (line art) there are elements that graphic artist’s use that do not translate well, and are sometimes impossible. Such as very small text, thin borders on text and small area gradient fills.

Digitizing Service

We provide an excellent digitizing service that can turn almost any logo you need into embroidery for, crest size, hat size and full jacket backs.

Embroidery Guidelines

All text should be a minimum of ¼” tall to look great! Stitch width should be a minimum of 1/16”.
Outlined text should be a minimum of ¼” tall.
Large areas of fill should be avoided on light weight garments.
Vector based EPS files are the best way to provide artwork.
Maximum size for the front of a cap is 5” wide x 2 ½” tall.
Maximum size for the back of a cap is 2 3/4” wide x 1 ½” tall.
Maximum size for the side of a cap is 2 ½” wide x 1 ½” tall.